I recently read this great post, 20+ Things You Can Get Rid of Without Even Missing. It is a super simple, but really helpful, list peppered with humor to make the tasks seem less dreadful. You can read the complete list linked above.

Over the next two weeks I plan to tackle 22 things (some from the list and some of my own). I want to get through the clutter before my birthday in less than 3 weeks. The big 35 is nearing!

Tonight (May 7th) I cleaned out:
1. Glasses/mugs
2. Vases
3. Office supplies/greeting cards

We currently have too many mugs to fit in the cupboard. This process was a lot harder than I thought. I am way sentimental. However I persevered, and can now easily get mugs in and out of the cupboard and there are still plenty of mugs for the three people that live here.

Then I moved on to glasses. A large number were in the dishwasher but I did sort them and get rid of a few gross plastic cups and such. I may need to revisit the cupboard after the dishes are put away.

Next I tackled the vases. I had enough to start a small florist shop. I trimmed the collection down to my favorites (the ones I always grab anyway), plus I never get multiple bouquets at once. Actually I rarely get one…

Finally I tackled the office supplies and my vast supply of greeting cards. I sorted the extra supplies, got rid of some junk and paired down my greeting cards to ones I might actually send. Amazingly my office supplies weren’t too out of hand. I’m not sure I need quite so many envelopes and folders though, I may get rid of a few.


Tomorrow the de-cluttering continues with…

1. Bed sheets
2. Books
3. Magazines

The books will be a tough one 😦